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Still Life


Scott Mendell is a professional digital and mixed media artist from New York City.
Welcome to Art for sale gallery: Landscapes, Modern art, Abstracts, Still life artwork and Pop Art wall art for any room decoration. All original artwork can be purchased as Canvas, Acrylic, Metal and Framed Posters Prints.

Still life or other words - nature morte - is a special style of art that characterized by paintings or drawings inanimate objects. 3D Art Canvas represent collection of sill life paintings, black and white, still life in monochrome color, simple composition of different subjects and modern still life painting and drawing, digital art and photography. A modern still life, it is rather free interpreting the concept stilllife and even sometimes distorting still lifes. contemporary art natural subjects - food, fruits, flowers, dead animals, plants, rocks, shells, abstract hand made subjects - drinking glasses, battles, books, vases, jewelry, coins, pipes
Modern Art collection of post-impressionist colorful lights abstraction, pop art paintings with rainbow abstract light fantasy, modern shapes, vivid illuminated abstraction lines, 3D light popart vision and abstract colors different from reality and natural world and characterized as nonobjective surrealism art. Collection of colorful art lights abstractionism paintings with vivid wall decor, expressionism curves, impressionism circles fauvism effects, contemporary colorful composition wall art, impressionism art interior - bedroom, dinning room, living room, kitchen, bathroom.
Landscapes - summer time - wall art outdoor landscaping of sea palms, water sun reflection in summer time, panoramic landscape nature light night and day, rising morning sunrise, bright sunny day and evening sunset, sundown, night moon.
Mountains - Red Rocks Symphony Mountain Way, Upper Level Blue Mountains.
The Beaches, Ocean and Lakes - beach island, lake boat, river fish, sky clouds, ocean storm sailing, sun rays, foggy lake
Trees - forest plants and birds, wood tree.
Nature - view, Flamingo, close up.
Desert - Namib, Africa, Amargosa, Death Valley, Morocco, Sahara, Dry Deserts, Cold Desert, Arabian Gobi Desert, Great Victoria.
Winter - Icy Fingers, snow, snowflake, frost, ice, snow pattern, Santa Claus, new year, Christmas tree, X-mas eve, snowstorm

3D Art Prints for Sale - all original artwork can be purchased as Canvas, Acrylic, Metal and Framed Poster Print. In addition to that all artwork purchase includes a money-back guarantee


Boat in the Sunset by Scott Mendell


Soul of Wood by Scott Mendell


Fire Tree by Scott Mendell


One Big Union For Two by art4sale


What good is love? by art4sale


Hungry Cats by art4sale


Chase Game by art4sale


Cats in Love by art4sale


History's Making by Abstract Lights


In the Beginning by Abstract Lights


Imagination in Space by Abstract Lights


Fantasy Space by Abstract Lights


Surreal Lovers by Surrealism


Blues for Two by Surrealism


Magic Kiss by Surrealism


Kiss Goodbye by Surrealism


Let's Talk by Still Life


One Year of Love by Still Life


Over The Edge by Still Life


White Silence by Still Life


Quiet Evening by Scott Mendell


Rocks Symphony by Scott Mendell


Winter Night by Scott Mendell


Desert Turtle by Scott Mendell


Flamingo Land by Scott Mendell


Soul Mates by Scott Mendell


Melodic Death Metal by Scott Mendell


White Sails by Scott Mendell


Red Sun by Scott Mendell


Further only Antarctica by Scott Mendell


The Soul of a Tree by Scott Mendell


Rainy Night by Scott Mendell


Spring Mood by Still Life


Two plus One by Still Life


Cold Water by Still Life


Welcome to Night by Scott Mendell


Still Night by Scott Mendell


Long Journey by Scott Mendell


Mountain Way by Scott Mendell


Friday 13th Night Storm by Scott Mendell


Old Bottle by Still Life


Upper Level by Scott Mendell


Lighthouse by Scott Mendel


Evening Song by Scott Mendell


Flamingo Beauty by Scott Mendell


Exotics Couple by Scott Mendell


Follow the Path by Scott Mendell


Heart in Far Light by Scott Mendell